Successful first FLOURISH event

19th July 2017

From left to right: Daniel O'Byrne - AXA, Alistair Nottle - Airbus, Chris Alford - UWE, Wolfgang Schuster - Atkins, Lucy Pegler - Burges Salmon, Chris Jackson - Burges Salmon, Rob Piechocki - University of Bristol

Seldom have I ever been so proud to work at Burges Salmon than when we held the FLOURISH Consortium’s first annual media and showcase event earlier this month.


On Thursday 6 July, over 100 media and significant industry individuals attended the event, which took place at Burges Salmon’s headquarters office in Bristol.


This was a really exciting day of events that provided attendees with an exclusive insight into how FLOURISH is designing inclusive mobility solutions for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs). Attendees had a unique opportunity to hear from the Consortium partners helping to shape the UK’s transport, legal and regulatory environment, and learn how various innovation and technologies are enabling the next generation of transport.


Furnished with a real-life Toyota car in our atrium, equipped with cutting edge communications equipment, and fantastic running demos of different CAV technologies from various members of the Consortium, the first port of call was a broadcast interview with the BBC that took place with AXA UK’s Head of Public Affairs, Daniel O’Byrne, and Burges Salmon’s Head of Transport, Chris Jackson.


The day then kicked off with the well-attended media event, comprising national, trade, regional and sector press, designed to promote the work of the FLOURISH Consortium, highlight areas of project excellence and demonstrate the capabilities of its partners. Chris Jackson provided the welcome, which was followed by an interesting project overview and progress update from Atkins’ Dr Wolfgang Schuster.


The FLOURISH Insurance and Legal Report (jointly produced by Burges Salmon and AXA UK) which identifies the shape of emerging issues, was then launched (see here). Daniel O’Byrne and Chris Jackson gave a fascinating overview of the report’s contents and the recommendations, which pertain to investment, data and cyber security that will contribute to the next stage in the evolution of CAVs.


The agenda for the media morning concluded with a lively Q&A session, chaired by Wolfgang Schuster, to experts from AXA, Burges Salmon, University of the West of England (UWE), Airbus and the University of Bristol.


Following a great photo of the entire panel in front of the car (see above), it was good to see so many media interviews taking place between the variety of journalists and Consortium spokespeople.


After lunch followed the showcase afternoon, which included similar presentations and Q&A to the morning but with additional talks from the President of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Professor Tim Broyd, and the technical teams from Airbus, University of Bristol and UWE.


The day concluded in the Exhibition Zone, where attendees were able to take a first look at the vehicle being used in real-life FLOURISH car trials, and receive demonstrations of AI modelling in CAVs and Human Machine Interface principles.


Connected and Autonomous Vehicles represent a huge leap forward and it’s great to be involved with colleagues in such an exciting area and working on a legal framework for the future. Essentially, one part of the FLOURISH project will ensure - alongside the vital technical works - that the legal and insurance framework enables these cars to get on the road and to help improve people’s lives. I am proud to be a part of that.


See more photos from the event in our gallery here.


Written by Dan Baber, Communications Manager at Burges Salmon

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